American Pride Industrial Equipment and Knutson Engineering have recently completed a custom fabrication project to assist the setting of aluminum pins into a metal plate.  The current operation was to use a template on a bench and using a hammer and punch to set the pins.  Our semi-automated machine reduces the labor of hammering by using a pair of Honsa (Percussive Tooling - made in the USA) Air Riveters with a custom punch.  We also added a rotating table so two or four people can work at the same time. The operation not only saved time and increased production in the process, but also will help reduce injuries like HAVS. 

The unit is completely portable so it can be used at all job cites. American Pride has the capabilities to custom design machines to your specifications and applications.  To contact American Pride, please see our website at www.americanprideindustrial.com or call our toll free number at 1-877-739-8601.  

Declaring War on Hammers

American Pride Industrial Equipment, a “Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business” is declaring war on the use of Hammers.  We have noticed many employees are still opting to use a hammer to dive in or drive out steel pins and there is a much easier and safer way.  Honsa Ergonomic Technologies has developed a new style of percussive driver which will help reduce “Hand and Arm Vibration Syndrome” (HAVS).  Honsa has developed a propriety polymer used in their handle to reduce the vibration by as much as 90(+)%.  This reduction in vibration not only saves money in insurance costs it also increases productivity and happier employees. Please review our video on HAVS at: http://www.ampries.com/honsa.html

Riveting Tools / Riveters
You won’t find more powerful and rugged pneumatic riveting tools than HONSA’s “Made in the USA” tools.

Honsa vibration-reduced riveters and air hammers are used in aerospace, shipbuilding and other industries around the world.

HONSA’s patented ergonomic features make it’s tools the operators’ choice, hands down!


  • Precision spool valve delivers “teasing throttle” control necessary for riveting
  • Hardened piston and barrel for rugged use and long life
  • Quieter and lighter than comparable riveters
  • Harmonic and impact vibration greatly reduced
  • No metal to metal contact between handle and barrel
  • Increased power to weight ratio

  • Aerospace/Airframe Riveting
  • Roll Pin Driving
  • Nailing
  • Dowel Pin Driving
  • Weld Peening
  • Spike Driving
  • Freeze Plug Driving
  • Weld Destruction
The complete line of Honsa Ergonomic Tools is available at American Pride Industrial Equipment at www.americanprideindustrial.com or calling toll free 877-739-8601. 

The line includes: Chipping Hammers, Vertical Grinders, Riveting Tools, Suspension Bails, Scalers and Needle Scalers, Weld Destruct Tools and Kits, Chisels and Accessories.
American Pride Industrial Equipment and Services, "Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business", is now an authorized Distributor of JJ Keller and Associates (Safety And Regulation Compliance, DOT, HazMat and OSHA Workplace Safety Regulations, Training, and Labor Laws) - Compliance Manuals and Supplies.

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Transportation, Safety, Human Resources Compliance - J. J. Keller & Associates - Home Page: www.jjkeller.com Safety And Regulation Compliance, DOT, HazMat and OSHA Workplace Safety Regulations, Training, and Labor Laws


NoMarr Strap is out with a new Camo Pattern NoMarr Strap.  The straps are available in 4-packs and will be available at www.ampries.com and www.amazon.com.  Watch for the official release.  Any questions please call us at 920-785-1165

Perfect for personal use or as a great gift for the Sportsman / Sportswomen



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