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About Us
American Pride Industrial Equipment and Services is a full-fledged service company delivering end-to-end industrial support to commercial businesses throughout the United States. We are a “service-disabled veteran-owned business” based out of Green Bay, WI. We specialize in providing businesses with industrial tools, services, and equipment.  Our goal is to work as a team to deliver excellence while helping our customers to become more productive and efficient.

Our Approach    

At American Pride Industrial Equipment and Services, we are committed to delivering the highest quality industrial supplies and equipment sourced from manufacturers worldwide. We are authorized manufacturers’ representatives for more than 350 manufacturers. We work with our customers to improve the business materials, tools, and equipment needs that help their day-to-day operations run smoothly. Our highest priority is to ensure the maximum satisfaction of our clients by focusing on their needs and fulfilling them quickly and efficiently. By carefully analyzing our customer’s business needs, we make sure that we work together to create innovative solutions that increase productivity and efficiency.

Our Team

We believe that a great customer experience starts with people who are trained to ensure that the job is completed to the highest standards every time. Our highly-qualified team members were chosen carefully for their impressive track records and commitment to excellence. Outstanding customer experience is our goal.

Our Commitment 

Our long-standing presence in the industry, extensive partnerships, and long-term customer relationships demonstrate our commitment to delivering excellent service to our customers. We are also committed to working as your valuable business partner that understands your business needs. Our business existence is based on our customer’s satisfaction, and we strive to continue with the same level of dedication to new customers.

Our Services

Custom Fabrication
We offer custom fabrication for tools and equipment. We will fit any of our industrial products to your needs and specifications. Custom fabrication not only creates a more comfortable tool, but it also increases the productivity and efficiency of your employees’ work.
Ergonomic Tools
Ergonomic tools are made to fit your employees. This creates a more pleasant working experience, increases productivity, and lessens the chance of work-related injuries. All of these factors make a more comfortable workplace for your employees, which will increase efficiency in day-to-day jobs. Check out our latest inventory!
Safety and Security
A safe and secure workplace is essential to keep operations running smoothly. The right safety equipment, such as safety goggles, not only protects you and your employees from work-related injuries but also results in a more comfortable workplace that will increase employees’ productivity. American Pride Industrial Equipment & Services sells a range of safety equipment to keep your business running smoothly.

Why choose us
We want to work with you, and we believe partnering with you can help you efficiently manage you and your company’s industrial needs. We would appreciate having American Pride added to your bidders/suppliers list to be able to compete for the opportunity to serve you and your staff with your needs. Take the bold step today by getting in touch with us at 920-785-1165 for your free consultation.
“America, our great nation, teaches us to face the greatest of difficulties and emerge victorious with our dignity intact.” This is what drives us at American Pride Industrial.